Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm a punching bag (not in a bad way)

I haven't really talked much about my pregnancy lately, which is surprising since this child is determined to make sure I know when he or she is awake by kicking me like a one-person kung-fu movie. I'm about 28 weeks along (thanks, BabyCenter for letting me know), and I'm only just starting to look pregnant and not just fat. It's becoming more obvious as I've had to switch out my normal clothes for maternity outfits that have to be purchased online (because it would be just silly for a local Lane Bryant to actually have this stuff in stock), but I'm keeping up my current level of sophisticated dress just the same.

The only thing I am really griping about is just how exhausted I am. I've never been a fan of sleep, but after a second trimester of almost normal levels of tiredness, I'm back to passing out nearly every time I sit. And that applies to everywhere except in the car. I can usually make it home before I feel it. I still don't get enough sleep and now I don't even get to work until noon, which sucks because it means I have to stay until 5 to work a full shift. I'm a part-timer in the most laid-back department of my company. This can be a good thing for most people, but since I suspect that I may have ADD, this is a bad thing because it's hard to stay focused on my project when I don't have a myriad of other things going on at the same time (I can only work at my best if I have a lot to do, and deadlines just help it along). I wish I could stay on track, but then I get into my RSS feeds, then I want to post, and it snowballs.

Anyway, I'm just saying I'm tired. I guess you can call that a complaint. I hate complaining.

At least I haven't fallen asleep at work lately. I have used the nap room once, but I ended up sitting there in the dark trying to unwind from being really stressed about something.

I've got my second ultrasound tomorrow. I still don't want to know the gender (because it's making everyone around us crazy, which is funny to me), but they want to make sure there are no problems. This also means that I probably won't post about the news tomorrow (I honestly don't know how long I can keep up the pace; maybe I'll be able to trim it to fewer posts soon). Wish us luck!

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