Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's like living a nightmare...

I am so sick of these damn Time Warner people!

Today's saga (day three of the TW Siege) began when we got a knock at the door around 6:30 pm with a guy claiming that he was here to either get a payment or pick up the equipment from our house. This, despite the fact that we have called not once, but twice about the arrangement we made for Friday. My husband (the more calm of the two of us) explained to him the arrangement and this guy claims that the order to disconnect was never canceled. My husband offered to call the cable company again, but chump-o decided to cut off our services from outside anyway and would be back to pick up the item. The only thing we have is the modem.

My husband calls the company and the first thing I hear is "We're not a company....What do you mean we're a company, we're an apartment," which makes me think that Time Warner has gotten things even more screwed up than I realized. I don't know what all was said since I sequestered myself in the bathroom to keep from stabbing the technician, but it boiled down to this: Time Warner acknowledges that they screwed up, so all we had to do was write a check for the amount owed and the tech would turn our stuff back on and hold onto the check until Friday. I agreed to this...until my husband asked the guy what we owed, and he said "$201" and I went ballistic! We are only late on $47.72 worth of payments, but the guy was trying to get all of the money today. I told my husband that I would be damned if I'm going to give him that much money and that he wasn't going to get the modem back. He tried to tell me that this could result in disconnection fees and all this other bullshit, but I wasn't buying it. He went back outside and negotiated it down to $110, but I still refused to budge. I wanted to know how we all of a sudden were late on even more money, but we would have to go down to the office and find that out, and that office closed at 5 [of course]. Then he tells me that he can give the guy the check and contest it in the morning, since Time Warner knows that they f*cked up royally. I agreed to write the check, and I wrote "Extortion" in the memo and told my husband that if we did not get the check back tomorrow that I was going to stop payment on the check.

I'm not having Time Warner do to me what AT&T did years ago when I sent them a check. I sent them a check that they lost in their system, so I payed the bill again with my debit card and got an assurance that if they got the check they wouldn't cash it. They did, and I almost bounced my rent check as a result. When I called to complain, they said they couldn't send me the money back and that it would count as a credit towards future charges. I think I gave that operator the reaming of a lifetime, because I was a college student who didn't have money to spare. Needless to say, I left AT&T because of sh*t like this, and now TW is pulling the same stunt. Well, they're going to learn pretty damn quickly that I'm not one to f*ck with, especially when we made an agreement and they can't get their system straight to even know what the hell we have in services and think that we are a company [really?].

I'd say this is the last of it, but we've got one more day before Friday when I was going to give them the original amount that they came to collect. I just love how the guy thought he could strong-arm us into paying the whole thing; cable is not a necessity, and we can make do with a slower internet connection until at least when I start school, so they can take their sh*tty service and shove it up their asses.

Hey, Time Warner: F*ck you, and the horse you rode in on.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that we actually got a competent operator towards the end who was making sure to stay on until our connection was re-established and before she turned everything back on on her end, she made sure that by turning our phone back on that we wouldn't be assigned a new phone number. This needs to stop before the stress takes its toll on me and the baby (because if something happens...I will be making the news in a very bad way).

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