Monday, June 2, 2008

...and now to the funny.

I couldn't help but to post this one. It seems that there were some "Mensa" members (read: morons) who decided to rob a convienent store while wearing thongs on their heads! Okay, I've busted on a man in town who robbed a bank and didn't put on his disguise until after he demanded the money, but at least his disguise was a traditional bandanna that would've been more effective if put on before commencing the crime. These nuts were very identifiable even with their green and blue "disguises". What would posses someone to see their girlfriend's underwear and think "Hey, that would be a great disguise for a robbery"?

I just hope they were new, because, otherwise, that would just be nasty.

And, in other news, cops nab a drug dealer because his name came up as weed man on another assailant's caller i.d. This one is great; here they are, arresting a guy for driving with a suspended license when his phone rings and his drug dealer calls. They ask him if there was supposed to be a drug deal tonight and, of course, the guy says "no". Well, they call the dealer back anyway and confirm the location of the buy and arrest the drug dealer on the spot. See, kiddies, don't list your drug dealer as your drug dealer on your cell phone. It can come back to haunt you.

This one's not as funny, but it gets points for honesty. A person pays off a 21-year-old parking ticket, which amounted to a fine of $6. Funny enough, the original ticket was for $3, but it doubled when it wasn't paid on time. Hey, at least it got paid.

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