Monday, June 2, 2008

Hmm...on second thought

I did come up with a give-and-take scenario that I guess would be applicable to the situation in the previous article. I made my husband go with me to see "Girl, Interrupted" because it was the first movie I ever got really excited about when I saw the preview. I had read the book back in high school, so I even knew some of the lines, so I went to see it opening night. He, in turn, dragged me to see "Fight Club" a few weeks later. Here was the gender ratio at both movies -- 7:1. The larger number is the gender you expect to see at the film (naturally). The "Girl, Interrupted" showing had a questionnaire about mental health that we had to fill out afterwards, which I thought was interesting. My husband cried at the end of my movie (but to this day he fervently denies it with every fiber of his being), and I was so angry at the end of his movie that I wanted to get in a fight just to get out my aggression.

That was very rare, and was spurred on my a literary desire (because I would've seen "Fight Club" anyway because I didn't know I was going to hate it so much), but I still don't agree that there is a give-and-take when it comes to movies. People see what they like and if they are willing to get pigeon-holed, then that's their problem.

By the way, Winona Ryder was robbed of the Oscar that year. They rewarded Angelina Jolie for acting crazy? Do you remember how she was back then, with the kissing of her brother and all that jazz? Crazy wasn't a stretch then. And I'm still pissed at Ebert for not liking the film because you don't find out what happens to the other characters at the end. It's called read a book, damnit! It was about the one character, not the whole nut-house.


I'll cut him some slack; he is sick and all.

Where was I? Oh yeah; I'm trying to see the balance that is mentioned in my previous posting (that whole give-and-take on men and women and films), but since I can't sit through chick flicks, and the male equivalent (which I had a name for, but the blog that it's on seems to have disappeared) is just as grating, maybe I'm just not meant to understand this concept. Oh well...

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