Monday, June 2, 2008

Thank You, IR Freakin' S

We finally got our economic stimulus check today but, unfortunately, we only got $266 because we owed taxes this year and the government took out its chunk first. I had a feeling they were going to do this, but we really needed that money to pay our rent and the letter they sent to us informing us of the check that we were to receive made no statement whatsoever that the owed taxes would come out of the stimulus check.

So now we are most likely going to bounce our check and even if we don't, we are going to be in a hole that we won't be able to dig ourselves out of because of the fees that we will get if they do cash the check.

Why couldn't they just say "Oh, by the way, we're going to take our 900-some-odd dollars out of your economic stimulus check"? I'm not even asking for them to give me a chance to tell them "no", I just would've like to have known so that we may have either held off on turning in our rent check (and incur the $20 late fee for being a day late) or we would've tried harder to make other arrangements. God damn it, I'm tired of this. We're never going to get the money back that we spent on my grandmother's funeral (which was, roughly, eleven grand), and I can't pick up more hours at work because of the limits placed on the Research Assistant position, so other than having my husband work more hours (and if he had worked his full shift, the pittance from the government would've been enough to help us squeak by), I don't know what we can do. I'm a little furious that he refuses to ask his family for money when his parents aren't in financial hell, but he's more than willing to constantly bring up trying to get the money back from my family despite the fact that my mother doesn't have a job and my uncle's savings is what is paying the bills right now.

I'm really tired. I just can't keep going like this. We'll have to conserve as much as we can because we'll have no money by Wednesday (assuming the check gets cashed), and we only had enough gas to get me to work today. I'm still convinced he's doing something stupid with the car to waste gas when he only has 4 miles to go to get to work but uses more gas than I do going 20 miles to my office. $10 can only get you so far, and there is no bus that I can take to work (this town's transit system needs a lot of work) or I would do that instead of drive which pisses me off anyway.

I'm going to bed. I was going to call the IRS to bitch about this, but there's no point in yelling at someone who had nothing to do with this. I don't see why they would care. I don't see why anybody would, so...whatever.

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