Thursday, June 12, 2008

"And now here's something we hope you'll really like!"

Points (and a mention) for whomever knows where this quote is from.

In the interest of being completely embarassing, I have decied to start publishing my karoke recordings from The Sims On Stage website. Why? I am a glutton for punishment, I guess.

I have a good singing voice, and while the recording probably doesn't capture that, I did have fun doing this song. I did "Army" by Ben Folds Five, and this was done on the first take, so it's not bad for a song with no run-through. I may not be willing to show my face, but you'll at least know what I sound like.

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David Dust said...

Honey - your avatar is SMOKIN' HOT!!!!!!



David Dust said...

Baby Doll - you are sexy AND you can sing!!!!!!!!!