Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to Overheard in New York

This is a website I used to love visiting all of the time, but because I do not have a feed set up for it, I tend to not read it anymore. I decided to visit today and found this lovely gem:

If You Don't Share with Him
(mom yelling at six-year-old son playing with several magazines)
Mom: Eric, let's go now!
Eric: But Mom, I want one!
Mom: For Christ's sake! Just take one and let's go.
(Eric takes Gay Life)
Mom: Your father is going to kill you.

--80th & 2nd Ave

Overheard by: Schatz
via Overheard in New York, Jun 22, 2008

I may post a few more in a separate post (I want to chose some instead of just listing them all) but this one made me lol in my cubicle. I had to play it off like I was coughing...and now I can't stop. Oh well, it was worth it.

It's because of Overheard in New York that I want to move to NYC even more.


David Dust said...

She should be happy it wasn't "Inches" or "Machismo" ...

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

But that would've been so cool!