Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Those Cable People Are Hilarious!

In my never-ending battle to just be stressed out all the time, I have the conclusion to the Time Warner debacle from yesterday. I made my husband call them back on my cell phone (I had more minutes left) to make an arrangement to pay them on Friday as long as they turned our services back on [we still had cable (no box=too much effort to come out to cut it off, but I wanted the phone back on for emergency purposes]. I finally got it through his head that when I tell him to call services (so that I'm not doing it and cursing them all out) that he's to do a complete conversation and not just ask them about the few things I mentioned with no follow up. What followed was actually pretty masterful. Who knew that being a seasoned liar would pay off?

He called them up and wanted to know why our services were cut off when they sent us an incorrect statement [true] without sending us the promised reissue [lie]. They sent us a notice two days before it was due saying that we owed $300. What pissed me off about it (because I made him call them the day we received it) was that we had just gotten through paying them a lot of money and they printed the bill long after we had paid them, because we were only behind by nearly $50. They should've offered to send a reprint of the bill, but he didn't request it at the time because he was on auto-pilot at the time. Anyway, he kept insisting that we were going to pay the bill once we got the reissue but we never received it and were cut off abruptly. He got the woman to acquiesce to his persistence and made arrangements to pay on Friday, but wanted to make sure our services would be turned back on.

This is where the story gets interesting.

Apparently, the reason why they've been itchy to cut us off is because, according to her computer, we only had cable and must have thought we owed for several months worth of service. We only found this out when he mentioned getting the services turned back on and she said that she would have to send out a technician. He explained to her that the phone and internet were cut-off remotely, so why would they need to send someone out, and she said that her notes said that our cable was cut off at the pole. "No it wasn't" he told her, in such a fashion that I fell out laughing. We had to tell her that the cable had never been cut off in all the years we've had it in this apartment, because they keep thinking we have cable boxes. How do they run a company when they don't even know what services their customers have? I can assure you that I would not be paying nearly $150 a month for standard cable, but it does explain the sudden cold-shoulder we've been getting lately from them.

She also had us down for receiving e-mail bills (which I never signed up for). This just turned into a head-scratching moment because I don't know how their information got so screwed up, but I think it's been off since they moved to their new building a couple of months ago.

I will be paying them on Friday, because the phone will be off on Saturday if I don't (they've done it before). Again, I'm not saying that I deserve to have my stuff on without paying, but these people had gotten trigger happy when they assumed we were deadbeats on a simple cable bill (and cut off our primary phone that I'd rather have on for emergencies) instead of having all of their facts straight.

What a way to run a company, Time Warner.

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David Dust said...

I have NEVER dealt with a bigger bunch of idiots in my entire life. It is like they are PROUD of how completely stupid they are.

What a horrible, horrible company.