Thursday, June 12, 2008

And on with the rest...

I've got more crazies to report on today. Let's get it started:

- We have a candidate for dumbest criminal: This guy used a stolen credit card at a store and turned around and applied for a job at the same store. I love it when they make it easy.

- Across the pond, we have another "genius" who tried on the jewelery he just stole from a teen in front of the CCTV camera. Sadly, they still haven't caught this guy, so the joke may be on us.

- A woman admitted to defrauding her company by spending over $40,000 on items from eBay. She bought some Longaberger baskets, and those things are stupidly expensive, but not worth robbing your company over.

- In not-every-criminal-is-stupid news, a man who didn't have a ride to court on a DUI charge walked the 25 miles to court. The judge cut him a break and will sentence him later so that he wouldn't try to walk back in the heat (and end up in the hospital for dehydration again). And he scored a ride home. See, Mr. School-Bus-Thief, this is the way you handle transportation problems.

- A man in Japan got away with driving firetrucks and ambulances for 20 years without a license. He only got caught not because of an accident, but because he was hesitant to show his license during an inspection. And since Japan is the country all about honor, they feel that they dishonored the people in the area by having him drive and he has since been fired.

- Apparently, there is a town in Utah that has to revise it's policy on bikinis at pools because the ban was placed on all bikinis and not just the ones that can be offensive to others [like the string bikini or the g-string bikini]. And while I was a little troubled that this is a "community where the council passed a resolution in 2006 to favor the 'natural family' consisting of a working husband, a stay-at-home wife and a 'full quiver of children,'" at least they realized that banning all bikinis was going too far. Besides, it could've been worse: There are countries that ban swim wear for more ascetic purposes (meaning that you can't wear these items if you're unattractive).

- Now in tasteless Fox News stories: The anchors have taken to calling Obama's wife his baby mama. There are so many things wrong with that that I don't even know where to start. I give full credit to the best week ever bloggers for covering this one, because I can't seem to get my head around it. I don't care what your position is, this is just crossing the line of taste.

- I haven't seen the video, so you'll have to draw your own conclusion on John McCain saying that bringing our troops home from Iraq is "not too important".

- This is something I should be concerned with: a guy who fell on the floor laughing in his apartment got arrested for failing to cooperate with the police. Seems his neighbor was worried he had "taken ill" and called the cops. If his dumb ass had just given the police his information, they would've left him alone [the cops can be reasonable like that], but because he decided to fight, he went to jail.

- I love unicorns (it's one of my few girly failings), but I'm not sure how I feel about this unicorn. I think he's adorable and is closer to the Peter S. Beagle description of a unicorn than the equine-horned variety (his unicorn looks like a cross between a number of animals; check out my copy of The Last Unicorn in my LibraryThing library for a cover image). It's certainly a huge step above the abomination that the Barnum and Bailey Circus ran around with in the late 80s.

**Seriously, Beagle is a really nice guy and gave me a hug when I burst into tears upon meeting him last year. And his birthday is one day after cool is that!

Okay, gushing over.

- And, finally, since I'm not in the business of writing on Top Chef, here are some articles for those who want to know who won last night. I saw the last 10 seconds, so I know who won, but I have to wait for David's recap (which you can clearly see is up, but unread by me at this very second) to find out what occurred. His blog is way cooler than mine, so read up!

That's it. I'm done for the day. At least, with the News of the Strange.


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