Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Moment of Truth: Crap That Even I Can't Tolerate

I found a link to the condensed version of "The Moment of Truth" on (a new favorite site of mine due to the classy handling of a cease and desist letter from BET) and I'm glad I found it because I was going to talk about the EMT's segment anyway.

I didn't get to hear the video clip because video has a tendency to not always work when I'm at work, but I did see the tail end of his segment last night. I'll give you the condensed version of this guy: He's a Mormon EMT who doesn't always wash his hands after using the bathroom, is sometimes ashamed that he was raised Mormon, is repulsed by fat people and think they're weak, and thinks he's a failure for having to move back home. What pissed me off is how his poor girlfriend got screwed on this show. He essentially revealed that he thinks he's dated hotter women than his girlfriend, that he can get any woman he wants [yeah, good luck with that], that he thinks his parents don't like her because she's not Mormon (she's Jewish: And his explanation after that one was that he knows that his parents would want him to be Mormon, obviously, and that they'd want him to date a Mormon girl), and that he wouldn't marry her "even if" it meant never speaking to his family again (strange wording, I know). So he just told his nice, Jewish girlfriend that she's wasting her time with a jackass who has no intention of marrying her. And that she's ugly. And that he's given out his number to other girls while dating her.


I'm not saying that he should leave his family for the woman he "loves" (sometimes it's a good idea and sometimes it's not), but the fact that he was so relieved to be found to be telling the truth of choosing his family over her just sickened me. His family was all too happy when he stopped at $100,000, with his mother saying that it would take him four years to make that kind of money (except that if he had earned it, he'd be able to keep most of it because taxes will take away at least half of that amount), and I wanted to punch the host (and the producers) when he said to the guy that he had a "lovely family" as they callously switched the camera to show an obviously hurt girl. The family was hugging and loving all over each other, while that poor girl probably wanted to run offstage and find a hole to hide in forever.

I'm not saying I'm not a fan of people humiliating themselves on T.V. (remember, kiddies, I'm not nice), but I don't think it's right to hurt an innocent victim for your own selfish gain. What did that girl do to deserve this? Other than date a jerk, nothing. She didn't sign up to get any money out of this. What killed me was when he was asked the question about what his parents thought of the girl, his mother patronizingly patted her on the that makes up for it.

I only watched a little bit of the show because I forgot that Cops was on somewhere, but I hope I never get him as an EMT if I happen to be in whatever state he's from. He'd think I'm weak and repulsive, and he'd probably fake the report, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about being groped while in his care, because he's classy like that.

Again, what an asshole.

I hope that she's going to find a much better person for her than this jerkwad, and that he gets himself a nice, shallow, Mormon girl that his parents will love but will make fun of him for being a failure.

Hey, I've got to stay true to my nature ;-)

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