Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Funny Happening in the News

I didn't get to do an installment yesterday because the e-mail that contained my links disappeared in the internets(!), so here are some fresh ones for today.

- If you're going to rob a home, make sure there isn't some big-ass dog on the premesis.

- This 90-year-old man proves that it's never too late to earn a high school diploma.

- Who would think a chicken bomb is a good idea? Apparently, someone did...before they abandoned it on the side of the road [insert Chicken-crossing-the-road joke here].

- Maybe R Kelly might want to try this: buying his jury sudoku to distract them in court. It could result in a mistrial...(just sayin')

- Remember how I mentioned that the Isle of Lesbos was suing a GLBT organization to get their name back? There's a new development in the case with the organization accusing the three plaintiffs of racism.

- If anyone remembers the movie Private School, you'll recall that the graduating class of girls moon the school at the end of their ceremony. Well, that might get the whole class arrested, because this student got hauled off to jail for his one-fingered salute. They called it disruptive and said that they wanted to have a dignified service. The parents believe they [the school] were always out to get their son. I think they could've found a better way to deal with it than jail.

- I actually found this insulting: There is a web service called youvebeenleftbehind.com which is supposed to let Christians send e-mails to their unsaved friends and family after the Rapture to save their souls. It costs $40/year to maintain an account and (get this) you can even preserve all of your financial information on the server for your family and friends to use after you've been swept up. Who says this service will be operational after the Rapture comes? Did they not see the Futurama episode where they say all videotapes were erased in 2424 at the second coming of Christ (meaning: this crap probably won't work, assuming you believe in the rapture concept)? I think it's a way to take money from the few Christians willing to buy into this...mess.

- And now, Brody Jenner is getting a new reality show which come off more like a dating show than anything else. Ryan Seacrest is executive producing this intestinal scrape of an idea, so draw your own conclusions there.

- Finally, a picture reminder of why you should always get the truck insurance on the rental truck.

If you've ever wondered why I try to include so much text in each hyperlink, it's because I learned from several classes and workshops that web "readers" for the blind can be set up to look at just links and I'm trying to avoid the one-word links, like saying "here" for every link.

Stay fly, everybody.

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