Monday, July 7, 2008

Stupidity: It's Not Just For Criminals Anymore

I've found several articles today with stupid criminals, stupid judgements, and stupid world leaders. Let's get started, shall we?

- I can't believe this happened again, but do not, I repeat do not send your pot via FedEx. It will be your luck that they will send your 200 pounds of pot to the wrong person, then go and arrest you when it's found. And you don't even get to smoke it.

- It makes me glad that people are stupid, because I'd be bored without them. A moron who uploaded a video of himself and his dad tasing each other with a stolen taser is going to prison after the girl he showed it to called the police. Kudos to the girl for turning the 22-year-old in for being an idiot.

- Here's yet another story about a guy calling 911 for non-emergencies who ended up getting arrested. If your friends are being annoying, don't call 911; either throw them out or call the local police number (I have my local number memorized, but 645-4545 is so easy to remember who couldn't recall it?).

- Won't somebody tell this idiot to shut up? Our beloved president shouted out "Yo Harper!" to the Canadian Prime Minister while attending the G8 Summit. There are some people you can't take anywhere, and he's one of them. [P.S. I feel icky for calling that "man" beloved.]

- Apparently, they're still mad at him: A guy ripped off the head of a wax Hitler at the wax museum. The museum promised to not glorify Hitler (still a sore subject in Germany, naturally) and showed him the way they think he looked before his suicide in 1945, but it still wasn't enough for the second visitor in the museum.

- I know I'm impatient, but damn! A first class passenger who was angry to see the economy boarders leave before him decided to leave through the emergency hatch. He was released on bail, but will face charges because it doesn't pay to be in a hurry.

- Stay out of Oniontown, indeed. Two teenagers were attacked by a group of young people for visiting Oniontown, a place that has been ridiculed in YouTube videos as being backwards and poor. The people there are telling visitors to stay away, and you don't have to tell me twice.

- Here's a story of a judge that got it right. A woman who felt that she was discriminated against by a retailer won a Five Thousand Pound judgment. She said that the retailer was nice to her over the phone but got really cold when she finally met her, and doubted her abilities despite 14 years in the fashion industry. The final verdict was that they felt that the woman hadn't proven 100% that she was discriminated against, but the former employer didn't offer a satisfactory explanation. Considering that when my uncle was sent to private school in the 1980s, he was in honors courses until the headmaster saw he was black and pulled him out of all of those classes [but he graduated high school at age 15, so go figure], I know how hurtful this can be to someone.

- Here's a story of a judge who got it wrong OR What the hell is the other 58%? A judge ruled that Pringles are not a potato snack and exempt from a huge tax as a result. They say that Pringles are only 42% potato, which frightens me as to what the rest of it is, but it's a windfall for Proctor & Gamble.

- Stand by your cat (with a tip of the hat to Tammy Wynette). A woman who went to trial in 2006 to keep from having to euthanize her cat has had the charges dropped against the feline. The owner kept the cat under house arrest for two years and it seems that the neighborhood is willing to let the cat live now that it doesn't terrorize the area.

- The best and the worst right here! Here's an article of honest-to-goodness traffic ticket excuses. I might have to use the "late for church" one to see if it will work, but I've never gotten a break on the two speeding tickets I've gotten [Yes, only two in my entire driving career], but it's worth a shot to try to sound crazy. That, or use the excuse from this Funky Winkerbean comic.

- These are being combined because I only just found them before finishing this entry. Starbucks is doing poorly, and people are relishing in the bad news and two idiots got arrested for growing cannabis in a cemetery.

- Saving the best for last, I think I found what I want for my anniversary. A couple in Portugal is continuing their area's tradition of fashioning ceramic penises. Dude, I so want a pitcher from these people.

Grab 'em, and grow everyone!

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