Monday, July 7, 2008

An Explanation for The Rationale Behind The Anti-Gay Marriage People

Due to the recent reports of the McDonald's Boycott from the American Family Association and the need to boycott Bolthouse Farms products (Thanks, David), I was reminded of a series of Candorville comic strips that seems to provide the only explanation for being anti-gay marriage.

(Since I don't have permisson to post the comics themselves, I will provide links that explain everything.)

Apparently, gay marriage will cause men to divorce their wives and marry their mailmen.

Seriously, people will go out of their way to prove that gay marriage will destroy other marriages by doing it themselves.

Sure, you can say that these people are gay because they seemed obsessed with gay marriage, but you'd be wrong.

They'll even try to convince you that they didn't enter into a gay marriage but the "happily married" part may not convince you.

But maybe it's time they threw in the towel on the whole issue. They won't, but it's an idea.

(Once I figure out how to trackback to Darrin Bell, I'll add that [I hope]).

Now that this series of strips clears everything up, here's a MadLib, I mean, MadCon to make it all better.


Dan said...

Homosexuals are not going to ruin the institution of marriage, hetrosexuals are doing a fine job of that on their own.

David Dust said...

These are GREAT!!! Thanks for posting them.


SailorAlphaCentauri said...

I was looking for some way to make sense of the issue, because I don't really get why people can't marry the person they love when they are the same gender. This was the most rational argument I could find, which is telling as to how illogical the anti-gay marriage side really is.