Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And Now, To Change Gears...

After getting some much-neeeded advice after yesterday's breakdown (and I can't thank you enough, David and Dan), I'm resuming the "news" portion of the blog. Since I want to go home soon, I'm going to go through these as fast as possible.

- Another idiot got arrested for trying to buy crack when he was robbed trying to buy the drugs.

- A man managed to escape from the police after a high-speed chase, but by leaving his cell phone behind, he'll be caught soon.

- This man is up on felony charges after trying to bribe the cops, then stealing (and crashing) a police cruiser, and then trying to get a family to help him after he invaded their home. Considering that he was up on misdemeanor charges before all this began, he's in the running for dumbest criminal of the year.

- While this guy is only being held on concealed weapons charges, the police found human teeth, rope, and sonogram images among his belongings in a search.

- The Concorde can get no love: A truck rammed the nose of the Concorde and it fell off! They can fix it, but it's still another patch of bad luck for the retired plane.

- A goat was arrested for jumping on a Mercedes. The dog, however, just went along for a ride.

- A guy tried to rob a bar with a cheese grater.

- A dumbass is currently in jail for delivering pot and LSD-laced cookies to over a dozen police stations care of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Yes, MADD is mad about this.

- Apparently, if you have a friend who talks too much in Germany (and 30 hours straight is too much), you can successfully call the police and have the person taken away. The key is to not call 911 like the gentleman from Monday's post.

- In serious news, the Black Panther who was sentenced to over 30 years of solitary confinement for killing a guard (based on the testimony of a convicted rapist) has had his conviction overturned.

- In sad news, there will be no charges brought against the hospital where a woman died in the LA hospital emergency room last year from burst intestines. The report says she would've died anyway. Nice.

- A Japanese Toyota autoworker died from overworking. He put in 80 hours of overtime a month, among other things, and his family will be able to get compensation from the company over this ruling.

- And in simply-to-piss-me-off news, OK Magazine interviewed Jamie Lynn Spears about raising a baby and she talks about how great it is, how she wants to be a soccer mom, and how her mother told her to follow her instincts when it comes to parenting. Damnit, this is still a child. Quit glorifying teenage parenthood with talk about how the delivery was perfect and that the child doesn't cry and all that other shit. I just want to beat her ass for not keeping her mouth shut.

To lighten the mood (and because it was sweet), I am posting today's SinFest comic about friendship.


David Dust said...

Jamie-Lynn's MOTHER is giving parenting advice? You mean the mother of one of the biggest messes in the nation (Britney) and a teenage mother (Jamie-Lynn)?!?

Yeah, there's some advice Jamie-Lynn does NOT need.

Glad you're feeling better..


SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Thank you for being a friend.