Monday, July 14, 2008

Slow News Day

Apparently, even the criminals were taking time off to bask in the glow of Brangelina's twins with the semi-jacked up names (I think I called them Knox Berry Farm and Vivian Leigh somewhere) because I didn't find that much to report. So, I'm going to end this with a bunch of comic strips that I found funny. I'm not well, so don't expect my A-game material. Let's get this started.

- A drunk young man ransacked the house of a woman he didn't know and growled at her after ripping the sheets off of her and her baby. I know that some people become surly drunks, but this is going way too far.

- Apparently, taking a cab from the scene of a crime can buy you some time after all. Especially after they've caught you and you manage to slip away. I'll have to keep that one in mind.

- A botched drug bust led to a bunch of McDonald's patrons being terrorized by the masked policemen as they try to capture a drug dealer who escaped to the bathroom. The plan was supposed to be to get the guy as he was leaving, but he forgot his milkshake and went back for it, realized what was going on and high-tailed it to the toilet. Too bad he wasn't smart enough to flush the drugs.

- How many times are people going to steal police cars before they all figure out that it's a very bad idea? I keep running into this story so often it's becoming tiresome.

- Easiest way to get busted after a robbery? Be drunk and chatty. Oh, and rob someone who you know. That helps, too.

- I have a younger sister who collects Barbie dolls, so I wonder if she'll be getting Barbie's tribute to The Birds Hitchcock film. If she does, she won't be getting it from me.

To close out today's post, I have here the best from Non Sequitur, Curtis, and Sinfest. The Non Sequitur comic asks how long can one ignore reality and get through life, Curtis' trusting friend lives in a world with rose-colored glasses and Sinfest shows how I feel sometimes when I miss church.


David Dust said...

"Knox Berry Farm" and "Vivian Leigh" are now their official names in my book - FOREVER.


SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Awesome!!!! I started something! Yay!

Love ya much, honey!