Monday, July 28, 2008

News Delayed is not News Denied

Yes, I should be ashamed of myself for that title.

Anyway, part of the reason why the Overheard stuff got posted first was because I needed to clear some of my Firefox tabs so that I could actually copy the stupid links for my news article. As I contemplate switching from Best Week Ever to The Soup as my daily celebutainment blog of choice, here are the items that were interesting today.

- Are there just not enough summer activities for teens these days? Two teenagers jumped a younger teen and stole his sandwich costume. Really? Was it just too hot to knock over a convenient store?

- I think a line from the police chief sums this one up best: "We want people to like our officers, but not to lick them."

- Apparently, you can grow too much medical marijuana. Even though this guy has a card approving of growing "medicinal use" Mary Jane, he had 35 mature plants and 8 immature plants, which is more than the 6 mature/18 immature plants he's allowed to have. Oh, and he got in trouble for having a 15-year-old help him tend the plants. Can't fail to point out the really bad part of this.

- I'm almost with the drunk on this one: A man shot his lawnmower because it wouldn't start. His defense? "I can do that, it's my lawn mower and my yard so I can shoot it if I want." After seeing his mug shot, who wouldn't want a piece of this? (nobody wants that!)

- That's just not nice. A 73-year-old gardener was unwittingly breaking the law when police discovered he was tending marijuana plants along with his begonias. The Dutch police are letting him get rid of the pot plants (probably planted by some neighborhood young people) while preserving his begonias, because they're cool like that. Just remember, it's legal to buy pot in coffee shops over there, it's just not legal to grow your own stuff.

- Here's a tip to the Nicaraguan thieves out there: If you're going to steal something from an exhibit on a poet, take his priceless manuscripts and not his ceremonial sword. Take the items that are worth something, okay?

- Most people may not find the sentiment in this, but I thought it was sweet: A UPS delivery man was taken on one last delivery when his friend and co-worker delivered the decedent to his funeral service in a UPS truck. It's not the craziest thing I've heard of, and I thought it was nice of UPS to allow that delivery to go through.

- Aww, poor kitty! A cat was brought into a fire department with its head stuck in a jar. The firefighters were able to lube the kitty out (I'm gross, I know), but nobody knows how long he's been in the Mason jar.

- Anyone familiar with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition should not be surprised about this story. A Lake City, Georgia family was facing foreclosure on their Extreme Makeover home. Considering that the show demolishes your home and builds you something so much bigger that it raises your property taxes, the mayor should not have been surprised that this happened. As it is, I'm surprised that this hasn't happened more frequently. It's a nice gesture, but paying someone's mortgage and giving them $100,000 isn't enough to offset the new costs.

- The tabloids aren't all bad. A UK politician had his stolen bike returned to him with the help of a tabloid magazine and neighbors in the area in which the bike was found.

- And because they haven't fixed the link on the site I found this on, this will have to do: A man has been busted for driving his vehicle with his wife on the roof. I know he was drunk, but what was she doing up there? The world may never know.

To close out today's post, here's the final word on Agnes' "normalization". When "the voices" say that this will last three weeks, you know the normalizing has been a success.

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