Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I want to not feel sick

I haven't been well for awhile, and I'm ready to just crawl into bed and not get out for the rest of the day (but I think I have to cook, so that's out). I had a headache all night yesterday and nearly got sick in my sleep (again). I didn't get out of bed until after 12 today, and to add insult to injury, my little 13 inch television burned out. My husband wants to switch to his old t.v., but that thing is so damn big that we'd have to take everything else off the desk to make it fit. Besides, it's the electric company's fault for the power surge that fried it anyway. Very upsetting.

The only thing I have going in my favor is that I'm too sick to feel depressed. I'd rather be depressed; that's easier to deal with and doesn't result in me freaking out over possibly throwing up. Of all the things that scare me (which is a short, but rather humorous list), vomiting is #1.

My mom was never really good at being the "caregiver" type when it came to illness, so I've always taken care of myself and wouldn't turn to her (or anyone) when I didn't feel well. I just want to go home, get in bed, and forget about everything for awhile.

I feel the need to redeem my mother after that last paragraph. My mom wasn't good at a lot of the "mom" stuff that the stereotypical mother is supposed to be good at, but that has changed a bit since I've gotten older and (due to being a mother-to-be) she's told me a lot of stuff that helps me to understand why she wasn't quite like other mothers (youth, inexperience, and more capable people taking over tends to do that). That's why David Dust's mother's advice tends to resonate with me (Thanks, David & Mama Bunny!) because my mom is good at telling me things that I need to hear. That, and she did get volunteer of the year at my school for being a playground monitor when I was in the first grade, so she was doing some things right.

I want to go home, so I'm done for the day.


David Dust said...

Well, considering that Mama Bunny's advice came from a refridgerator magnet, I say NOBODY's Mom is perfect. But she's close.

Feel better.

BTW - you're afraid of vomiting, but NOT afraid of needles?!? I would vomit for an entire month straight if I could have a guarantee that I would NEVER have to SEE a needle for the rest of my life...


SailorAlphaCentauri said...

I've never choked on a needle. A needle has not traumatized me to the point where I refuse to eat for nearly a week, and I don't usually feel the needle for hours if not days after it's over.

Besides, my older brother was afraid of needles and I had to show that I was brave (if nothing else).

Thanks for the well-wishes. I actually got my husband to cook that night, so I at least got a break (yay!)