Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rescheduled meeting

I was supposed to meet with an English professor today about the prospects of my PhD project, but he didn't get my e-mail about the times in which I could meet (which I sent back in June on the very day he e-mailed me back to set up the meeting in the first place) and so it's been pushed back to next Friday morning at 11 (I hope).

I don't know what happened to the e-mail I sent; it must have been the e-mail equivalent of those cell phone commercials where the call is dropped at the most inopportune time for the other caller. It's probably a good thing that the meeting was moved anyway; I wasn't exactly ready for it, and since I was late to work, I would have to either stay until I make up the time, or make it up later (which I'm getting tired of doing).

I hope to actually do some research on my project proposal today so that I have something to say to the Department of Cultural Studies professor when I contact him for our next meeting.

On another front, I've resolved that I will cook a minimum of 2 dinners a week to foster better eating habits for both my husband and I, so I am going to be making my upside-down pizza today. It's been awhile since I've made it (not as long as my beef & rice casserole), so I hope I can do a good job at it.

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