Thursday, July 5, 2007

Books...and the widget

I have a Library Thing widget in this blog, which shows all of the books I cataloged (that had covers on the site) at random. I think it's really neat, because it reminds me of all the books I have, and it shows people what I like to read...which is mostly Japanese Manga and Bathroom Readers with a few novels, American comics, and web design manuals thrown in for good measure.

I need to add more books. I read some really great ones from the library, and I've acquired quite a bit more since my last major adding spree several months ago.

Even though I have a library degree, I didn't study cataloging. I do like to catalog my own collections [I attempted to catalog all of my CDs by the track, but I haven't had time to update it in a year], but I have my own system that works for me. Besides, I can only type up the number of video games and things that I have before I get tired of doing so. There are places I can go to catalog all of my media, but I've decided that I'm just going to take my multimedia spreadsheet and turn it into an Access database instead.

You know what? Once I'm done with work today, I'm going to curl up with a nice book. I think I'll read more of my Basara, or finally get through my Full Moon wo Sagashite or Othello manga collections.

If you're curious about these books, just click on my widget! :-P

Sayonara, mina-san! [trans. Goodbye, everybody!]

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