Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Newsy Tidbits

I'm posting a bunch of funny articles because a) I need to get back to work, b) I want to see something humorous so that I stop feeling so depressed about being broke and c) I took the weekend off to go to Marcon and I haven't had a chance to go over the good and bad about it.

It's not a news article, but someone needs to tell Sharon Stone that there is a time and place for every comment and that her "karma" comment about China was not appropriate.

Be careful the next time you need a haircut in Houma, LA, make sure you aren't getting it done on a Sunday (or any other restricted day) or you just might earn your barber a ticket.

Only funny in a sad sort of way: I feel sorry for this guy whose balloon left without him and may have derailed a shot at breaking some skydiving records. I feel bad for him (but I still find it a wee bit funny, because I'm mean).

This cat is toooooo cute and is bringing in business for a Japanese rail line.

What would posses a student to spike his teacher's muffin? And that managed to miss my double-entendre radar how?

And, finally, somebody had to trump the Ohio man who had sex with the picnic table by doing it with car windshields. Just imagine the horror for the guy who was still in the taxi while this nutjob did this. Better yet, don't imagine it because it might scar you, and I only want to scar people with things that are worth it.

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