Monday, May 5, 2008

By the way

I haven't given an update on the baby front, and I think I should since my due date has changed since my last post on the matter.

I went in to get a Quad screening done on March 26th where they try to determine if there are abnormalities in the child's development (e.g. Down's syndrome). They say that only 1% of the people who get an abnormal reading ever actually have a problem, but it's not much of a comfort when you get a call letting you know that you've got a potential problem. My doctor's office called my office phone four times before they reached me and said "I don't mean to alarm you, but..." we had an abnormality in our Quad screen. You don't mean to alarm me, but you called my office four times in one hour and then tell me that I need to come in the very next day for an ultrasound? Let's just say that this blew my whole day. I ended up having the ultrasound done on Friday morning because I had a dentist appointment that Thursday, and that was really, really cool. We don't know the gender (because we want to be surprised), but my husband was a-man-of-a-thousand-questions to the ultrasounographer while I had to stare at the ceiling. She was really nice and printed out several pictures, including images of the heart, a thumb, and a foot. I then rushed off to Cleveland for the Marjane Satrapi presentation [which I may have already posted about, so I apologize for the repeat of information] and didn't think anything else about the ultrasound until the day before my next appointment, which was April 23rd. I thought that there must not have been a new problem because nobody called, and I was correct. It seems that they had my due date wrong and that I wasn't as far along as previously suspected. My new due date is September 6th, and that makes me feel a little better. Why? Because early on in the pregnancy, I was the only person who thought that I wasn't as far along as every else assumed I was. The OB Coordinator was trying to assure me that my date was correct, but I just didn't feel as if I was that far along.

Turns out I was right. Is it that my motherly instinct is already kicking in? I doubt it; I think I was basing it on when I thought things got underway and figured it couldn't have been when they thought it was.

Anyway, I want to go home, so I'll wrap it up. Later, gators.

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