Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm a person who loves Winter but, lately, it's been so nice out that I've wanted to be outside. I want to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Even though it has been cloudy today, I just couldn't resist getting up from my cubicle and walking outside; even if it was just to the receptionist's desk on the other side of our annex. The gentle breeze that met me as I turned the corner southward was as invigorating as the sun that warmed me Sunday in front of Cafe Appropos. My little excursion resulted in me doing a little bit of good for the receptionist, which made me feel a little bouncy [Yes, I felt a little Tigger-ish].

I stopped by, looking for a copy of The Other Paper, when I noticed that today's receptionist [there is a group of them who work the desk in my building and the main one across campus who rotate days and desks] was trying to orient a printout in Word to landscape and couldn't figure it out. There was a co-worker who was trying to help her and couldn't find the right command, so I leaned over the desk and attempted to read the screen upside-down. After my neck told me that that wasn't a good idea, I came over to the other side and told the woman to go back to the File command. Once there, I scanned the list and finally found the one I was looking for: Print Preview. Once she clicked on that, the page orientation selection was right there. The gentleman who was helping her said that "Three heads were better than one", and I decided to head back to my desk. She had taken a phone call once she had selected what she needed, and she thanked me as I was on my way out the door (after successfully finding the paper I sought in a newly installed newsstand). It felt good to help someone, so I kind of bounced my way back to my part of the building.

I know that it's supposed to rain this week, but it won't dampen my Spring spirit. It was so nice out that I had the window open in our bedroom all day yesterday because the smell of the outdoors was so intoxicating that I just had to have it in the house.

Now if I can just shake this barking cough, I'd be all set.

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