Wednesday, April 4, 2007


The groundskeepers at my company decided (after suggestions from workers here) to cut the daffodils that are growing around campus because of the impending cold snap and make them available for people to take for "personal use", whatever that means. They're pale yellow [my favorite color & one of my wedding colors] and I have about half a dozen of them in a cafeteria cup on my desk. I'll upload pictures if a)I remember to and b)I have time. They smell really nice & it's a little something to brighten up my desk, especially since I'm in a cubicle in the room with only one set of windows in the front and I'm all the way in the back.

I took some daffodils for a secondary reason: a reminder of a fund-raiser I once headed for the American Cancer Society. I was in charge of the Daffodil Days project for my office, where I was in charge of selling, ordering, and delivering daffodils to individuals and corporations in the Franklin County area. My goal (as they are want to set these things) was to raise $15,000, and I managed to sell over $13,000 despite not having a committee to assist me & only having myself, my husband, and a Godsend volunteer who came in off the street to do the bulk of the deliveries. That, and having Battelle order more than 50% of the flowers didn't hurt, either. I only got to head the project in 2004 (I left at the end of that summer to start grad school), but it was my crowning achievement in an otherwise lackluster career as an administrative assistant for three years. It's one of the few things I missed from that job (there were a few co-workers, but not many that I got along with), but I wouldn't go back to it. For one thing, it's not possible; the Ohio Division of the ACS reorganized to be a handful of larger offices instead of the 17 units that were in place when I was still in their employ and so my job doesn't really exist anymore. Also, I wouldn't be too thrilled to go back to a job that only requires a high school diploma when I hold a Masters degree and want to get started on a PhD as quickly as possible.

Wow, that was a tangent! Anyway, I'm luxuriating in the ardor of spring via my flowers, so I shall end this and get back to work!

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