Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It Was A Good Show

The talent show went very well yesterday. Everyone was at their best with their singing, comedy, and other acts and I performed Eye is On the Sparrow without messing up the words or letting my vocals get out of control. I think I did well, and I got a lot of applause, but I was unable to get the audience into the performance (as is the nature of the song, unfortunately), and there were other singers later in the show who were able to get audience participation (and the guy right before me got a lot of audience response as well). The woman who sang right before the last act got a lot of people with her because her song was an up-tempo number & she had a better voice than the original artist, but the last act was hilarious. They were the Soggy Bottom Boys and they sang "In the Jailhouse" with the worst yodeler ever...but he was so bad you couldn't help but laugh! Overall, I think the show went well, but we're still a good ways off from the goal of $3,000 raised from the show. Last I heard we had raised $500.

While I may not win the show (not by a long shot), I did manage to get an offer to do a duet for the show next year if they do another one. It would be with the guy who took photos in the audience & the song would be Ain't No Mountain High Enough. That would be fun & I'd do it even if I'm not working here next year (which is likely, considering that there's a hiring freeze in place and I'm an intern in need of a full-time position [and this position should be held by a student who deserves to be here rather than someone who's graduated and not moved on]).

Well, duty calls & I must accept the charges :-)

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