Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rumor has it...

that Apple will be pulling their commercials with the Mac and PC guys due to too much sympathy for the PC! My supervisor's son lives in the Silicon Valley area and he [the son] says that they've done surveys and discovered that their commercials were backfiring; people felt sorry for the PC. If that's true, it's hilarious because it answers my question on the effectiveness of those commercials. Most people find them funny; all I got out of them was that I had a strong desire to never buy a Mac. As much as I loved using them in college (even when I got my own PC, I preferred doing my work on the then-new G3 computers), the Mac guy is just too annoying for me to be willing to buy one. That, and the attitude of some of the Mac users I run into online is so abrasive that I want to avoid owning one like the plague.

I can't say that all Mac users are boastful sycophants who'd rather brag about how their computers are superior than do anything constructive, but I've read the posts of enough of them that I'm at least turned off by the machine if not by the owners.

Time will tell if those commercials will be pulled (which would be a good thing for those online ads that would play at work), but I just found that so delightfully hilarious that I just had to post it.

I wonder if Tech Dirt has done anything on this yet?

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