Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Getting Too Old For This...

I went to an anime convention this weekend and...let's just say that things like that are not meant for people like me. And by that, I mean I was not cut out to spend three days with a bunch of young people who were loud, uncouth, and convention-runners who have an interesting (if boring) interpretation of "Hentai Olympics."

I can't say I didn't have a good time. I got to buy some nice items in the dealers room before finding out that we were completely broke [Overdraft fees killed us and ate up half of my paycheck], and I got to go to some good panels where I made a manga translator's day by telling her how much I enjoy her work. I ended up on tape talking to some guy who knew the founders of OSU's anime club, and I even got a sketch done of me chibi-style that I want to display because it's actually cute. I played Super Puzzle Fighter and Rock Band, both of which are fun games; fun enough to ignore the pissant punks who can't help but be young and obnoxious.

I didn't like the way the convention-eers handled the Hentai Olympics. First off, it was supposed to start at midnight, but the previous panel didn't end until 12:30 [They never explained why it was running late; an explanation would've abated some of my anger, but it never came and my head was hurting too much to try to get answers]. We then had to wait another 20 minutes before we could be seated. The event was billed as one that required being at least 18 to gain entry (checking I.D. and everything), but it ended up being a very lame event that was akin to a lame bachelor party. What surprised me about this was that this convention was billed as one not for young children and, as such, the youngest person was in Junior High, so I was surprised that there really wasn't anything risque about the H.O. at all. I could've just stayed in the anime room and watched real hentai and saved myself the swollen feet and aggrivation. Considering that Dragon*con is a convention for all ages and they managed to show real hentai (as well as some sacriligous stuff that was more hilarious than anything else) in their big event (and they checked I.D. as well), why couldn't an event that is billed as a college-aged event show anything remotely hentai?

The funnies thing I ran into at the con was that one of my co-workers was there to take pictures of the cosplayers. This was I guy I would've never expected to see at something like this, but he told me that he's a fan of costumes. I think that's kind of cool. ;-)

I'm probably never going to go back to this thing (not by myself, anyway), and I've learned that I should avoid conventions that are solely focused on one concept due to lacking the ability to tolerate annoying people for more than an hour at a time. If I go to another anime convention (i.e. Ohayo-con), I'm only going for a day to buy stuff and check out the serious panels which seem to take place on Saturday. That's enough for me.

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Atharva said...

As the female cohoster of the Hentai Olympics, I have to apologize for 2008. It wasn't planned well at all, mostly because I was under the impression that other people were taking care of the event list and thus had nothing prepared. As for running late, that's a chronic issue we've worked very hard and have since vastly improved on. I'm sorry you missed last year's HO, as it was pretty epic and much better structured. I do hope you'll give the Armageddicon another chance, as we are always working hard on making an awesome convention for all. In 2011 we will be in the Hyatt, so if you're close enough to come to Ohayocon, you may as well come to ours :)