Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dangerous Situation

This is going to be brief. I say that a lot, but I am trying to get some work done since I feel like a failure of a person who needs to really get back on track and do something worthwhile.

Taxes are due today and we owe quite a bit this year. The form will be dropped off after work, assuming I have enough gas to make it to the main post office.

We are broke. My bank decided that the best way to deal with low balance situations is to pay for everything, let you think you have a tiny amount of money left (which leaves you in the positive) and then decide that a charge that wasn't listed on Saturday morning was indeed paid on Friday and slapped on an obscene amount of overdraft fees retroactively, resulting in every charge after that being negative. We had transfered money from the mutual fund when we thought we were still positive (I checked with the bank webpage beforehand) but now they want to pretend the money isn't there so that they can charge us for 10 charges that are (now) overdraft. Our mutual fund is almost completely depleted because of the funeral expenses we paid that haven't been paid back (and I don't know when we'll see that money). We probably won't be able to pay the rent for May, the maternity costume I wanted to order is completely a thing of the past, and I just want to sleep through my birthday Saturday so that my husband doesn't spend any money on me.

And if I weren't pregnant, I probably would be very tempted to rip my veins open with my teeth. The fact that the thought is there in the back of my mind is somewhat disturbing, but I've unfortunately gotten used to that feeling. And I'd like to take out the time to thank God for taking away my grandmother in such a fashion that there was no warning, resulting in us paying for the funeral and now being so broke that I am unsure if I can scrape together enough money to put some gas in the car to make it home.

Funny, even Sinfest is capturing my week. It's humorous, but I do kind of feel like that today.

Edit: On a strangely odd note, I have a childhood friend who was born today, so I hope she's having a happy birthday. What's significant about this is that she and I were born four days apart, and her mother and my mother were born a few days apart as well. What are the odds of two women being born a few days apart (as Aries, no less) having their daughters with a similar span being born at the end of the same astrological cycle? If anyone can do that kind of statistics, let me know. These mood swings are very random, so I apologize if it makes me seem flighty, or like I'm faking the dark phases I go through.


David Dust said...

Honey, call your bank IMMEDIATELY and raise Holy Hell!! Unfortunately in this day and age the louder and more obnoxious you are, the more action you get.

And if that doesn't work send an email to the CEO

Feel better...this too shall pass.

Beth said...

I agree with Tranny up there.....CALL THE BANK!!!! And then have Tranny write the letter to the CEO, cuz he gets it done!!!

Happy Birthday...I think.

thanks for stopping by!

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Thank you to you both! I ended up calling the bank (again) and being told to go to my branch to fix things. Someone needs to remind me to ALWAYS go to the local branch because they are 100x nicer than the phone people. After all the fallout and the refund that was given to me without warning me that I would owe more fees in the end, we were negative by sixteen dollars. The manager asked us what we thought was fair, and I said that I just wanted to be at zero. She did that and even helped us get a credit card to serve as overdraft protection (which I want to lock up because my husband wants to spend money on the card like there's no tomorrow) and I felt a lot less stressed after that.