Saturday, September 21, 2013

Random Rant

Hi everyone. I've been busy (I had a great trip to San Diego, and I hope to write about it someday), but I just saw something from Conan O'Brien that I needed to address. It's one of those meme images where he says the following: "Over the weekend Lebron James got married.... He was set to marry his high school sweetheart in Cleveland, but then he got a better offer from a girl in Miami."
Not funny.
First of all, he did marry his high school sweetheart (we'll put aside the fact that this was 9 years and one child later). Secondly, he married her in San Diego (why?). Finally, it's just old and tired. People have tried to move past this whole thing and it's just not funny. Now if Conan did not say this, I will say that whoever attributed this to him did this in poor taste. If Conan did say it, then there's nothing else to say. It's just not cool.

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