Sunday, May 27, 2012

...Making no Promises

It's been a long time, everyone. Sorry for the disappearance again. I've been trying to get my ... act together since finishing my Master's degree and embarking on the PhD. So what has happened since New Year's?

- I managed to get an advisor for my exams.
- I then got sick in early February which took me out for a couple of weeks. Type-G Strep and a sinus infection one on top of the other is not anyone's idea of a good time. Good drugs, though (however, Vicodin is over-rated).
- I lost my advisor by being dropped via e-mail to the head of my department. Since I was (re)doing my Independent Study with this person the next day (because it was not completed last quarter due to illness), I didn't know how I was going to face her. The result: She didn't mention it, and I didn't bring it up. Ultimately, she has now offered to be my third reader when I get to that phase. I'm glad I said "when". I have to believe that I can do this. I've had enough people tell me that I'm smart enough that I'm almost ready to believe it.
- I now have a new advisor, but I have to prove that I will get my exams done. They had to be completed this year (ruh-ro!), so if I can show that I am making great progress, then I can stay.
- My little D is still doing fantastically well! She's well over 3 feet tall (as many feet as she has years), and it's been a fascinating time to see her vocabulary develop. Now if I can get hubby to get back out there and try and find a job, it might help lower my stress.

I wish I could find the time to do this more, but I won't make any promises that I probably won't keep. I will try to put up pictures of her soon. I have some recent ones that we took for the spring, but the disk is downstairs and I don't feel like getting it at 2:30am. I've also got a lot of work to do grading rough drafts of my students' papers. I'm glad this is a holiday weekend, but I've only graded 3 out of 25 and I need all of the extra time that I can get. It's late, and as much fun as it is to get back into writing again (because real life gets a little lonely), I've really got to get some sleep. Goodnight from "the heart of it all."

P.S. I've got to spruce up the place; this blog needs a change of scenery. We'll see what I'll do when I have time.

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