Friday, September 4, 2009

Guess What Today Is!

It's Devi's first birthday (yay!!!)! She's turning one and I'm still trying to run around and get everything together for the party that will be starting soon. I hope it goes well.

Since I'm in a hurry (and suffering from a bad sinus infection), I will have to add photos to this post later this evening. I'll also have to fill you in on the ordeal of the whole thing.

Love you all!
~ Kay

P.S. I wanted to send a special thank you to Uncle David Dust who hooked me up with a "Peace, Bitch!" button. I only got it yesterday because I haven't been on campus since July, but I am looking forward to wearing it when I teach and waiting for my students to ask what it means. :-)


he and she reviews said...

wow the first b-day how exciting! remember to breath and just enjoy it, everything doesn't have to prefect.. in fact i think the imperfection will make it memorable. ^_^

David Dust said...

Happy Birthday Devi!! - from your Uncle David.

I'm so glad you got your button.



theminx said...

A belated happy birthday to Devi!