Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two Weeks to Go

I'm feeling the pressure now.

I have two weeks before the quarter ends, and I still have a paper due on Wednesday, two projects due at the end of the quarter, and a paper due for my conference in Florida. How is my progress going? Not too well. I want to e-mail the professors I have the projects for to let them know what it is I am going to do. I was supposed to do it this past week, but life got in the way (Devi decided to try this new 3a.m. wake-up call) so I have to do it today. To say I'm feeling a bit stressed just doesn't quite cut it. I don't know how I'm going to get it all done, and do a good job of it to boot, but I have to try.

Anyway, since I have so much to do, I'm sticking to the spartan posting schedule, at least until I get back on March 23rd. I'll be back in town by then and on Spring Break. This is going to be the first time I'm going to be apart from Devi for this length of time (the longest to date: 12 hours), so that's going to hurt. But now that I'm pressed for time, hopefully my focus will return because it's been shot lately. At least I don't have choir rehearsal this week, so that's more time for my projects as well.

Well, until next time...

Oh, did you think I forgot something?


Hammer's got nothing on her!

Stop! Devi time!


David Dust said...

You ALMOST had me there!

Devi, Don't Hurt 'Em!!!!


SailorAlphaCentauri said...

That means I did my job! ;-)

Beth said...

OMG!!! How in the world do you ever get anything done with that little Princess in the house????!

David Dust said...

Miss Thang -

I don't have your email address, so I'm leaving you a comment:

Was your "Model U.N." group at Motown Cafe a pretty large group? For some reason I remember booking a group called "Model U.N." while I was there.

So - if you had a good time, it was because I set up everything and made all the arrangements. If you had a BAD time, it was someone else who did it.

Girl, I could tell you STORIES about the racist assholes who ran that place.


SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Well, we were there back in early 1996, and I think we were a large group. It was our last night in New York and this was the only themed restaurant we went to while there. I'm definitely going to have to give you my e-mail address (I have, wait, it's six. Or is it seven? Well, I'll give you the one that I check most often) because I'm dying to know what went on there.

@Beth - Trust me, getting work done with her around is extremely difficult! This is why I'm up all night; it's the only time I can work without being interrupted (except for the occasional cry for the missing pacifier).

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

P.S. My e-mail address is in the most recent post. ;-)